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Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, all products can be customized, please book a customization session on the home page or via the Instagram or facebook pages booking button. If you have more questions please send a message on the right.

Canada: 4-7 days

USA: 5-10 days

Caribbean & South America: 10-14 days

Europe: 7-10 days

Africa: 10-14 days


For hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns. 

Customer satisfaction is highly valued and therefore if you have any issues with a product, send me a message and I will do what I can to ensure your satisfaction.

Keep in mind, some people are never happy, and there’s a blend I can make to help with that, if necessary.

To schedule a pick up at one of the pick up locations, send a message please.

Pick up locations available in:

→  Montreal, Qc

→ Lasalle, Qc

→ Valleyfield, Qc

→ Alexandria, Ontario



2505a Jacques Hertel
MTL, QC, Canada


Email: info@skintentionalcanada.com

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